Where to Distribute Flyers?

Published: 18th July 2009
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The Best Places to Distribute Flyers

Compared to other promotional materials like brochures, and postcards, flyers have a farther reach, because these are very easy to distribute. You can easily send your promotional message across with the help of these light and handy print materials. Flyers can be effective promotional tools when utilized properly and distributed at the right places.

The places where you distribute your flyers also contribute to your promotion's success. Distribute them in places where there are many potential customers so your message can get to the right people.

• Groceries: This is one of the places that are always packed with consumers, thus making groceries the ideal locations for distributing your print flyers. Catch shoppers' attention by having a person dressed in a costume to distribute your flyers. Designate a person to distribute flyers at the grocery's entrance, parking area and checkout lane.

• Bulletin Boards: These are also good venues for your flyer distribution. The downside with bulletin boards though is that many flyers and announcements are also attached to it. Make your flyers standout in the sea of other flyers by designing them in the most creative and innovative ways possible. Create a catchy slogan to draw the attention of potential customers.

• Beauty Salons: Customers will most likely pay attention to your flyers, because they are basically sitting down and waiting to get their hair styling done. They will read your flyers to kill time while waiting to get their hair styled or treated. You can either distribute the flyers personally or leave your copies in the salon.

• Neighborhood: With the number of people living in one neighborhood, your message is sure to reach a wide range of audience. The challenge for you is to make your flyers attractive enough to grab the attention of your target audience. Design your flyers creatively so your prints will get noticed by busy homeowners.

Aside from distributing your flyers in the right places, having them printed professionally is also necessary. Seek the expertise of a reputable online printer like UPrinting to get your hands on high quality and affordable print flyers.

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