What To Do When Your Teen Gets Pregnant

Published: 13th June 2009
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Teenage pregnancy is one of the most common problems faced by teenagers and their families today. Statistics shows that almost 1/6th of US births are to teenage mothers. Discovering that your teenage daughter is pregnant comes with mixed emotions such as anger, denial, disappointment and pain. The thought of your young daughter having a baby may even make you doubt your role as a parent. Here are ways that can help you handle your child's early pregnancy.

• Show your support and compassion: Your teenage daughter needs the support and compassion from her family as she takes her journey to motherhood. Extend your support to your child while letting her know the consequences of her actions. But be gentle on lecturing your child since pregnant women cannot be stressed out. Assure your child that the family will be there for her every step of the way. Give her postcards about motherhood in custom postcard sizes to let her know that you care.

• Ask help from other families and support groups: Their experiences in dealing with teen pregnancy can help you understand and learn more about dealing with your child's early pregnancy. You can also turn to them whenever you encounter problems with your pregnant teen.

• Prepare her for new responsibilities: Let your daughter know about the many responsibilities that come in having a child. Preparing your child for her new responsibilities as a future mom will help her have an idea about raising a child. Tell her that motherhood doesn't stop after giving birth, because as her baby grows, bigger responsibilities and changes occur.

• Teach your teen lifestyle changes and nutrition: Your experience with pregnancy can help guide your child when it comes to her lifestyle changes and nutrition. Pregnancy is new to your child and it is best to provide her guidance, so she can take care of herself and her baby. It would help if you put pregnancy posters from digital printing companies on your teen's bedroom so she can learn more about her condition, changes she may experience and tips for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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