Teach your Kids the Value of Perseverance

Published: 12th June 2009
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Perseverance is important in helping your kids succeed in their field of interests. And being good in what they do boosts your kids' self-esteem, because success makes your kids feel that they have the enough capability and skill to perform a task.

Teaching your kids to persevere at a young age can help them carry this value until adulthood. This way, you can be confident that your kids are driven enough to achieve their goals and dreams.

• Teach them how to set goals. This will give your kids a sense of direction in life. Goals help your kids to be motivated to work harder in order to succeed. Tell your kids that achieving their goals requires lots of effort and patience. For instance, if your kid wants to be a part of the basketball team, tell him that he must spend enough time practicing the sport to enhance his skills.

• Encourage them. Tell your kids that it is okay to fail, because failing teaches them lessons that they can use to do better. If you notice that your kids are starting to feel discouraged, give them an example of a role model that they can follow. The role model can be an athlete, a celebrity or even a relative who strived hard to achieve their goals. The role model's experiences can inspire your child to challenge himself to do better and not be afraid of failure.

• Get them involved in different activities. Arts and crafts are the ideal activities to help your kids learn how to persevere. Your kids can try postcard and poster design to enhance their creativity. Let them choose a standard postcard size that they can use for their artworks. You can also enroll your kids in baking classes, taekwondo or ballet.

• Acknowledge their effort. Giving your kids thumbs up for their hard work and effort will make them feel that their abilities are appreciated. Your kids will now give their very best to be good at their skills because they know that you acknowledge their effort. You can use a standard poster size to show your support for your kids on their ballet recital or baseball game.

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