Promotional Must-Haves for your Local Coffee Shop

Published: 31st July 2009
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5 Promotional Tools Worth Investing On

Locals line up at your local coffee shop to have a taste of your trademark café latte. As a business professional, you want to extend your services beyond your usual customer base in order for your business to grow. However, doing this can be difficult with all the other companies you have to compete with. You can further promote your local coffee shop with the help of different promotional tools.

• Posters: Attracting prospects' attention can be easy with the use of posters. Posters are huge and eye-catching, making them great tools for captivating the attention of your customers. You can use posters to advertise new coffee flavors, or as displays for your coffee shop. Choose a reputable online poster printing company to ensure the quality of your prints. They print posters with the use of high-quality and materials that are guaranteed to bring out the best in your prints.

• Menus: Use menus to give customers a bigger picture of the products that you sell. Do not limit the information to product's name and amount. Maximize the use of your menus to give small details about your company. Let your customers know that the coffee beans used in your shop are harvested from an organic farm. Highlight your shop's unique selling point to create distinction for your brand.

• Brochures: Think of your brochures as your coffee shop's take-home menus- a handy tool that customers can take anywhere they go. Provide sufficient amount of brochures for both new and existing customers. Taking your brochures home is like taking a piece of your brand inside your customer's household. This gives your brand the much needed exposure and attention it deserves.

• Flyers: Distribute flyers from high-traffic areas aside from your neighborhood. Let your flyers reach as many people as possible to help you gain more customers. Remember that the more flyers you distribute, the more awareness you can create for your brand.

• Business Cards: A business card is every business professional's essential promotional tool, so better get your own. Your business cards can lead you to prospects, and open new business opportunities for your business. Hand your business cards to both new and existing clients, so they can have your contact information at hand.

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